Capacity Building:

Investing in the human resources is the best investment and capacity building of different segments of the society can give very good results as there is tremendous potential to be exploited. SDS gives due importance to the capacity building of its own staff, community, government departments, local government representative, Community Based Organizations, (CBOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in different sectors of work.


Disaster Management:

After the devastating earthquake of October 2005 DRR and CBDRM is being given the due importance. SDS has been actively involved in relief and response activities and has carried out a number of interventions under DRR and CBDRM.


Education Promotion:

No society can progress unless due importance is given to education, especially female education. There is a need to work collectively to increase enrolment and attendance in the schools and decrease drop out ratio


Advocacy, Lobbying & Campaigning:

Due to low literacy ratio and awareness level it is necessary to play an effective role in opinion building, attitudinal change, awareness raising and policy shift. Having strong roots in the community advocacy and lobbying has been an effective tool of SDS.


Sustainable Livelihood:

Livelihood is an important component of SDS programme areas. While designing the livelihood interventions emphasis is laid on serving the vulnerable segments of the society


Distribution of Winterization Kits:

Emergency Response to the Earthquake Affectees of District Shangla. SDS Distributed 1116 winterization kits among the affected families.


Capacity Building of CSOs:

SDS Organized Training workshop on Action Research Skills for the Local and National Base Organizations.


Gaps Between Police and Citizens:

SDS Organized a Consultation Meeting on How to Bridge Gap Between Police and Citizens at Peshawar.



DATE & Time 10-12-2015 1:43 AM

Venue Hill View Hotel Islamabad

Strategy Formation workshop jointly organized and facilitate by SDS- Swat and CDC Bahawalpur. Very enriched forum with very experience professionals.

Consultation Workshop

DATE & Time 20-11-2015 9:18 AM

Venue PC Hotel Peshawar

SDS Organized a Consultation Workshop on how to Bridge Gap Between Police and Citizens.


DATE & Time 27-10-2015 11:02 AM

Venue Charbagh

SDS Distribute Food Item among the earthquake affected families of Union Council Charbagh, Swat.


DATE & Time 25-08-2015 11:16 AM

Venue Kabal, Swat.

SDS organized a Consultation Meeting with Police, Lawyers, Members of Aman Committees & CPLCs to provide a common platform to the like minded actors to discuss the nature and type of issues at the district level in relation to policy and practice level.